The pleasure of a good American coffee, made by Italian artisan roasters.

American Busters Coffee Blend

The blend of real American Coffee must be light and not too bitter, made of Robusta which gives body to the coffee and Arabica which gives flavor. Busters Blends, composed by Arabica coffee coming from Brazil, Nicaragua, Honduras, guarantee the right balance of bitter, acid and sweet. American coffee is lightly roasted in order to let the fresh and acid sensation prevail over the bitter one. It is then ground quite coarse, in order to allow the water (with a temperature around 92/96°C) to "filter" in a rich and continuous way.
Origin of raw coffee: Brazil, Nicaragua, Honduras
The blend of American coffee for Busters Coffe filter machines, roasted by Boutic Caffè, is particularly sweet, with a full and rounded taste, with a persistent and velvety aroma and pleasant floral and fruity notes.

80% Arabica
Packs 250 g.

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