Coffee Makes The Difference
Is it a coincidence that many of the bars that serve our coffee have in their online reviews
the phrase "the best coffee in Turin"?

We think that a coffee must make the difference

And artisan coffee is precisely the key way to stand out by offering an original and high quality product.
This is obviously true for a bar, where coffee is its raison d’etre, but also for a restaurant, where the coffee at the end of a meal must match the delights created by the chef.
It is also true for a hotel, where serving a quality coffee or cappuccino at breakfast is an indication of the respect for, and attention to detail afforded to, one’s guests.

the coffee must be excellent. But coffee is not enough.

That's why our service includes, on request, the supply of the machine on loan, coffee and cappuccino cups, sugar bowls for the counter, napkins and napkin rings and sugar sachets branded with the Maestri del Gusto Slow Food logo, of which we have been a member for years. For Automatic and Semiautomatic Machines, assistance, maintenance and repair are carried out by our internal technical laboratory, in the same location of via Monginevro 8 in Turin.

Contact us to stand out.
Three Blends Awarded and Selected by Slow Food Taste Masters

LA DOLCEZZA - Why was La Dolcezza awarded in 2016 and 2018 at the International Coffee Competition? Could it be for its dense and compact creaminess? For its intense and persistent aroma? For its full and velvety taste? Or because it brings all these characteristics together in a great artisanal coffee?

GRAN AROMA - It is called Gran Aroma: a sweet aroma, rich in pleasantly floral and fruity notes. The creaminess is smooth, the color typically hazelnut, its taste light and delicate. An artisan coffee to pamper customers, and whose difference will be appreciated at the first taste.

SUPERIORE - Just as a wine that has a higher than average alcohol content is called Superiore, so we named this coffee, which has a outstanding, intensely structured body. High creaminess, with high level of spherical perception. For true connoisseurs of authentic artisanal coffee.

1 kg packs of coffee beans.

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